Necklaces breast milk jewelry

High-quality keepsake jewelry from Switzerland, carefully made with your own breast milk. Every unique piece is full of love and your own story.


Necklace Yoline

from CHF 270

Necklace Clea

from CHF 224

Necklace Nana

from CHF 238

Necklace Amea

from CHF 420

Necklace Mili

from CHF 270

Necklace Magnolia

from CHF 250

Necklace Ava

from CHF 273

Necklace Nolina

from CHF 385

Necklace Lilia

from CHF 235

Necklace Evie

from CHF 247

Necklace Mayla

from CHF 260

Necklace Emelie

from CHF 298