Atelier Miah Story


Our friendship began over 26 years ago, when our mothers met in the neighborhood. We grew up together near Zurich (Switzerland).


When Rahel gave birth to her son Elijah in June 2016, she started breastfeeding for the first time in her life. The special handicraft of creating breast milk jewelry as a personal memento fascinated us immediately when we first heard about it. Curious as we both are, we spent months working on a suitable process for the production of breast milk pearls. Creating a robust and high quality product is very time-consuming and requires many individual steps.

At the beginning of 2017 we founded our company and received our first orders. A lot has happened since then. One idea has turned into three full-time jobs, which we carry out with an incredible amount of dedication and passion. It fills us with gratitude to capture memories of a very special time in this way.

The overwhelming feedbacks from our customers inspired us to constantly expand our product range. In 2018 we released a special memorial jewelry collection with timeless and classy designs in addition to our breast milk jewelry collection.

Erinnerung an die Stillzeit Andenken Schmuck

A great team

We complement each other perfectly with our abilities and are not only a great team privately as best friends, but also in our studio. Our strengths are very different, which is a great enrichment for us in our daily work. Both of us can use our talents in the best possible way and learn from each other.

We are very happy if you tell us your story and if we can make your personal unique piece for you.

If you would like to hear or read from us on a regular basis, you are welcome to visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

Erinnerungsschmuck Schweiz Schmuck mit Muttermilch Asche Gedenkschmuck

Rahel Kappes (27) left & Mirjam Glättli (28) right